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this forum is like google classroom. I have set this up for pgps. it is moderated and monitored carefully by the teachers. please see one of them for any of the rules you need to know

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rule 1 Please remain sensible on all forums and the global school chatbox. remember that there is someone else behind that screen rule 2 please remain cyber-safe. Do not give out personal information such as names, phone numbers or passwords rule 3 Please do not post in other forums that are for classes other than your own. The global chatbox is free for anyone to post in rule 4 please treat everyone with the same respect. Just because you're an admin does not mean you should not treat people of a lower rank than yourself differently. This forum is not a hierarchical place. moderator and administrator rules 1: please report to your teacher before banning or demoting someone. They will deal with this themselves most times 2 no demoting of other staff. this will result in your banning if you do not accept these conditions then please delete your account. Anything that concerns you about these terms should be reported to your teacher.


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